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Apart from basalt, the Wedgwood & Bentley mark belongs to ornamental wares only; useful wares had : Before 1800; most likely 1780-1790. According to Reilly all black basalt made from 1769-1780 was either unmarked, or had this mark; however this is by no means certain; see the following paragraph.

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The earliest jasper was stained throughout and was known as "solid," but by 1829 production in jasper had virtually ceased.

In 1844 production resumed using items coloured only on the surface and known as "dip." Solid jasper was not manufactured again until 1860.

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This information has been culled from a number of sources - it is given in good faith and believed to be reasonably correct - however if you are going to use it for the basis of valuations, purchases or sales then you must verify it from independent, qualified sources. Take every opportunity to do so at shows and aucthe next recourse is to the mark.

There is evidence to be found in Wedgwood's correspondence that the usefulwares factory was still making basalt tea sets during the Wedgwood & Bentley period (1769-1780) and marking it with this mark.

Exceptional pieces of teaware with the mixed case mark could be from the W&B period.This appears to be a potter's mark, and belongs to the period 1795-1850; perhaps a little later.It can also appear on later pieces, but other indications will help to place these pieces in the correct period.The designs were then cast: some of them are still in production.Sir William Hamilton's collection of ancient Greek vases was an important influence on Flaxman's work.Their production is marked with one or the other of the several versions of the Wedgwood and Bentley mark.

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