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Boys, who are usually fond of cricket, have question in their mind when some or the other series or cricket match is going on.

They think they have to compromise one thing between cricket and girlfriend or the girl he is dating.

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Nowadays cricket has become such a game that involves glamour as well, with the tournament like ILP and rumours of linkups between a cricket and a model or actress.

Girls who love watching cricket, many a times it is just because her favourite cricketer is playing.

A game that creates, thrill from the first ball to the last ball. Yes, there are girls who are crazy about cricketers.

Cricket is such a game that almost everyone follows.

It’s been said that a woman’s place is in the house, and to that we can only say… As we consider the possibility that our next President and White House occupant may very well be a woman, it feels like we’re one step closer to that day mothers across America can finally look their daughters in the eye and tell them they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up—and, for the first time, actually mean it.

From the White House to the field house, taphouse to powerhouse, we found 8 women who are changing the game as leaders in traditionally male dominated fields.

In other words, HBO’s “Big Love” offers up subcultural rubbernecking at its very best.

Of course, without a delicate hand, “Big Love’s” central conceit would seem like a gimmick.

You’ll never use that degree” and “Should you maybe double major, to cover your bases? Now where did this pretty straight forward definition become transphobic? However you would NOT believe the amount Since the triumphant supreme court ruling in the gay rights movement legalizing same sex marriage, many people are coming to ask “What now? What direction will the gay rights movement in North America take? She is THE brave voice of female millennials, talking to the TRUE and uncensored experience of being a young woman today.

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