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The entire day was recorded and is now available on You Tube at this link.

It's 8 hours of video, so here is an outline, with time stamps for the video, in case you want to pick and choose which parts you watch: Introduction & Welcome: Linda Tannenbaum and Ashley Haugen ()Opening Remarks: Ron Davis: ()Morning speakers: Robert Naviaux: The metabolism of the cell danger response, healing, and ME/CFS ()Chris Armstrong: ME, metabolism and I ()Jonas Bergquist: In search of biomarkers revealing pathophysiology in a Swedish ME/CFS patient cohort ()Maureen Hanson: Probing metabolism in ME/CFS ()Neil Mc Gregor: Genome-wide analysis & metaboleme changes in ME/CFS ()Alan Light: Gene variants, mitochondria & autoimmunity in ME/CFS ()Panel discussion: Morning speakers ()Afternoon speakers: Baldomero Olivers: A novel source of drugs: the biodiversity of oceans ()Mario Capecchi; The role of microglia in neuropsychiatric disorders ()Mark Davis: Is CFS/ME an autoimmune disease?

I posted a couple of weeks ago about an exciting all-day symposium being held at Stanford University and hosted by Open Medicine Foundation: Community Symposium on the Molecular Basis of ME/CFS.

A Anderson South Carolina AP Lagos Nigera B Bonnieres France BE Casablanca Morocco BG Bancock Thailand C Campinas Brazil CH Santiago Chili Cy Ratmalana Ceylon E Elizabeth NJ USA F Taytay Phillipines G Karlsruhe Germany GH Tema Ghana H Karachi Pakistan HC Chittigong East Pakistan J St Jaohns Canada K Clydebank Scotland L Bogota Colombia LM Kinshasha Congo M Monza Italy ML Petaling Malaysia N Taichung Taiwan P Penrith NSW Australia PR Lima Peru Q Johannesburg S Africa R Querataro Mexico T Delhi India TN Tunis Tunisia U Utsunomiga Japan V Buenos Aires Argentinia VN Saigon South Vietnam Y Maltepe Turkey Z Alcenon France There were also "factories" in Wurselen in Germany and Alencon in France but I can find no record of designations for them.

Just before the Russian Revolution 1917 Singer built a vast plant in Russia but after the dust settled it was taken over by the Bolsheviks. ---------------------------- Date: Sat, -0500 From: Jim Wagner ([email protected]) Subject: Different FW models Hi Fellow Fanatics, I was going to reply to Sheila via E-Mail but I thought this may be of more general interest.

An argument of that sort may seduce radical leftists into joining the far right.

In fact, I've seen that very scenario play out many times.

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Jim in Thomaston GA ---------------------------- Date: 26 Feb 96 EST From: Graham Forsdyke ([email protected]) Subject: CONTRIBUTIONS/To Lisa: Re factory designations. I have in front of me as I write a Singer explanation of serial numbers. The second example is A1061C027 the A indicates Anderson, South Carolina the 1 indicates 1981 the 061 indicates the day of the year (march 2) the C indicates the assembly line the 027 indicates the 27th machine that day.

The factory designation, if it was not made in the USA, followed the model number. There are other examples for the plants in Scotland and in Germany.

Each of the four models of the featherweights were originally furnished with a different motor. All that means is that it shouldn't interfere with radio or T. signals and there should be a three prong plug to insert into the wall outlet.

Another distinguishing feature of the 221K4 is it is the only featherwieght model that has R. Sorry I don't have any definitave information about which colors each of the models were painted. The explanation tells us that: the S was the particular assembly line on which the machine was put together the 8 indicates 1981 the 247 indicates the day of the year (Sept 4) the 053 indicates that it was the 53rd machine built that day.

()Alain Moreau: New research strategies for decoding ME/CFS to improve diagnosis and treatment ()Wenzhong Xiao: Big data analysis of patient studies of ME/CFS ()Ron Davis: Establishing new mechanistic and diagnostic paradigms for ME/CFS ()Panel discussion: afternoon speakers ()Closing remarks: () I need to find time to watch some of these myself!

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