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That’s both Veronica books and an advance copy of A TREACHEROUS CURSE–10 runners up will receive advance copies of TREACHEROUS. I know lots of y’all weren’t able to make signings on the tour but would still like a signed book. Please use the social media links at the bottom of the page for the latest on where I am and what I’m up to. Continue reading Sorry for the all caps, but I’m excited, y’all! Continue reading Since I’m out and about promoting A PERILOUS UNDERTAKING, I’m reposting some of my favorite pieces from previous years.

- My Profile continued Highlight #4: Part III: I'm Registered, Now What?

- My Profile concluded Highlight #5: Bring on the Networking!

Three drinks and I'd do her anyway just to see if an older woman this age can do it all night or not.

;) Come and check out all the pics and free movies that are waiting for you and see all the sexy mature women over 40 that are waiting for you. For some reason she sorta reminds me of Marilyn Chambers, the old time female porn star.

The slaves muscular ass is no match for their whips and begins to welt.

The slave cries out in pain and starts to tremble from pain by their whips.

Gregory LONDON: LONGMAN, GREEN, LONGMAN, ROBERTS, AND GREEN. This waste is in itself a very serious evil where so large a portion of the community often procure - as they do in England - with painful difficulty, and with the heaviest labour, even sufficient bread to sustain existence; but the amount of pontive disease which is caused amongst us by improper food, or by food rendered unwholesome by a bad mode of cooking it, seems a greater evil still.

The influence of diet upon health is indeed a subject of far deeper importance than it would usually appear to be considered, if we may judge by the profound indifference with which it is commonly treated.

These, I feel assured, if carefully followed out, will much assist our progress in culinaiy art, and diminish the unnecessaiy degree of 'expenditure which has hitheirfx) attended it8 operations; for it may safely be averred that good cookery is the best and truest economy, turning to full account every wholesome article of food, and converting into palatable meals, what the ignorant either render uneatable, or throw away in disdain.

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