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These trials are undertaken at various stages and studies are conducted after the launch of a new product to monitor safety and side effects during large-scale use.

Clinical trials are conducted by pharmaceutical companies or Contract Research Organizations (CRO's) / Site Management Organization (SMO’s) on their behalf.

At IBS Gurgaon, students are at the centre of all initiatives and innovations in the teaching -learning process.

Surprisingly affordable, the full package of guns, goggles, gloves, de rigueur camouflage gear and a CO2 tank to pump pellets with, begins at under USD$6 (Rs 250). Worshipped in words, serenaded on screen, and now captured at an Indian cafe and brewed into a berry or a blossom tea.

The Cafe at Moon River is a haven for naifs and waifs who want nothing but to curl up on a big rattan chair and while an afternoon away.

Bookstores and bars, young galleries and fresh magazines, even a shiny new outpost at the airport -- here are the public spaces in New Delhi, physical and figurative, that offer a hip, cool place to hang out.

Once you know CMYK is shorthand for cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black), the order in which colored inks are applied to a page at a printers, it's easy to deduce that the printing process is championed at this little bookshop.

The construction of the city began in 1929 and finished in 1933.

The place derived its name from the Duke of Connaught.Students immensely enjoy this phase of the program as it enables them to see the relevance of rigorous academic delivery experienced by them at the campus in the first two semesters and the way actual business is conducted.They come back far more confident with added ability of conducting themselves appropriately in an organizational hierarchy.It was designed as a centerpiece of Lutyen's Delhi, a place in Delhi which has been named after Edwin Lutyens, a famous architect from Great Britain.The name of the place was changed to Rajiv Chowk in memoriam of late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, former prime minister of the country.It's the knickknacks though, the quick fixes for design junkies, that have been flying off the shelves -- fillable vases you can collapse and store flat, credit-card-sized reading glasses that slide into a wallet, personalized stationery, Pantone-colored Seletti chairs, pocket art books -- all the aesthetic accoutrements desperately needed in design-deprived New Delhi. Naysayers can whinge about the reinforcement of trigger-happy, aggressive behavioural patterns. The desi obsession with bright and brilliant colors finds perfect expression in the paintball field at New Delhi's Select Citywalk Mall in Saket.

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