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So the best thing to do is focus on that," she says.

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These two likely recognized each other’s Plutonic energy across the room.

After all, those games that some consider devious techniques of testing and manipulation won’t work here.

Stoudemire relayed all the details to People magazine: Stoudemire asked Welch for her hand in marriage while overlooking the Eiffel Tower lights outside of their penthouse at Le Meurice Hotel Belle Etoile Royal Suite at 11 p.m. He surprised her with a dinner after they spent the day taking a private historical tour of Paris that included stops at the Louvre and other landmarks.“I have been planning my proposal for a while and overlooking the entire Paris skyline seemed like a perfect place.

I am so happy she said ‘yes,’ and now we can continue to build our life together as husband and wife,” Stoudemire told PEOPLE from Paris.

Video of Paris' deposition was played in court Tuesday ... You gotta hear it, and really interesting to hear it in Paris' words.

and the highlight was her description of Michael's relationship with ex-nanny Grace Rwaramba. Paris explained to attorneys for AEG that Michael warned his children about Grace, telling them ... She wasn't an honest person, and she lied a lot."Paris said she didn't know specifically what she lied about -- but then seemed to suddenly remember one freaky detail about Grace sneaking into Michael's bed while they were staying in hotels.

For the past year or two, the singer has been linked to Stoudemire but it seems apparent now that he was on a break from Welch, whom he met in 2002, when he was dating Ciara. We can’t know for sure but adding to his change of heart may have been the tragedy he experienced with the loss of his brother in February of this year.

There’s nothing like an intimate loss to strengthen existing bonds. Where in the world would you like to be proposed to?

As misunderstood as Scorpios feel with other signs, they like the titillation of being in a relationship with different energy provided by those elsewhere in the Zodiac; it’s exciting and presents the mystery of the unknown.

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