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When the UK press calls someone a “glamour model” what they mean is Like, Kelly Brook is one of the UK’s biggest “glamour models” – she’s famous for having a great body and for posing in bikinis. Eddie Murphy was smiling like the cat who got the cream when he appeared on stage on Saturday night.And no wonder, for he just taken great delight in showing off his glamour model girlfriend Paige Butcher on the red carpet in the run-up to a special TV tribute evening.She's a 33-year old model whose career kicked into overdrive at 15 when she won a Cover Girl model search.

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Then, suddenly, they were over and over the past few weeks, Eddie has been seen with this new girl, an Aussie girl named Paige Butcher.

These are photos of Eddie and Paige at Saturday’s night’s Spike TV event honoring Eddie.

So, it really could happen, but the mystery is how it ended up on Twitter.

The Wednesday night post simply said, “Coming to America sequel?

That was a time when people were calling Tracy a gold digger.

After they grew closer in a two-year time span, they then tied the knot in 1992.She was formerly married to Rn B star Babyface since 1992, before getting divorced in 2005.The two reportedly met back in 1990 on the sets of Babyface's “Whip Appeal” video.Admirers and peers alike paid tribute to the comedy legend as part of Spike TV’s Eddie Murphy: One Night Only.He seemed like he was having an even better time beforehand however, as he openly flirted with the 33-year-old Australian as they completed the pre-show preliminaries.Eddie is 51 years old, Paige claims she’s 33 years old. Americans totally have versions of the “glamour models” too (Kim Kardashian, even Kate Upton), but it feels like the UK press (and the commonwealth press) really treat their “glamour models” with so much more legitimacy.

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