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But if you have problems follow these instructions: You have to whitelist your LAN.

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If any blocklist fails to download, and if there is no old version available, the operation aborts.

If a downloaded blocklist fails to extract, it is deleted and the operation aborts.

It blocks connections to and from hosts specified in huge block lists (thousands or millions of IP ranges).

pgl is based on the Linux kernel netfilter framework and iptables.

The following example only use the block lists to stop incoming traffic on ports 53 (DNS) and 80 (HTTP): systemd initialization of the system means that it's quite possible for a server to be briefly unprotected, prior to pgl launch.

To ensure adequate protection, create a service file named after the original server (i.e.pgl consists of three components: pgld, pglcmd and pglgui.Users control pgl Note for blocklist operations: When the master blocklist is built, missing single blocklists are downloaded.By December 2003, it had been downloaded 1 million times. After 7 months of development, in February 2005 Version 2 of Peer Guardian was released as a beta.The original version was released for free and the source code was made available under an open source license. The development of version 2.0 was led by Cory Nelson, and aimed to resolve many of the shortcomings of Version 1.Mo Block is an application that enables you to block internet traffic based on large lists of IP address ranges in order to protect your privacy.

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