Divine dating diva

Just wait till you see these adorable graphics close up!

Gender neutral, this baby shower theme is also perfect for families who don’t yet know the gender of the baby or adoptive baby showers! That this is the classiest and most sophisticated baby shower idea ever!

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Throw on an apron and sharpen those knives ‘cause it’s time to unveil the eats!

To make your anniversary meal planning even MORE exciting, we’ve divided our list into four fabulous categories.

There are so many reasons to be excited about the arrival of fall – cozy sweaters, cute boots, chilly breezes, and… cuddling up with big mugs full of hot cocoa or cider! Then, whenever you’re craving a little fall flavor or spice – you can come browse until you find the perfect recipe.

In fact, half of my Fall Bucket List is filled with fall drink recipes that I want to try. I always say that drinking a cup of cocoa on a cold day is like getting a hug from the inside. Whether you’re looking for a little taste of pumpkin, apple, chocolate, cinnamon, or ginger – you’re sure to find what you’re looking for! A cup of hot cocoa drizzled with gooey caramel goodness!

All you do is add a couple scoops of mint ice cream to your cocoa and then taste the magic.

(Peppermint ice cream is fun during the holidays too!

Just remember to have your letters touching if you do multiple initials or a word. Let them cool in the fridge for about 5-10 minutes, gently peel them off, and set them on top of your dessert. Looking for more dessert ideas for your next dessert date?

Check out one of our guest blogger’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowls, or this post with more great dessert ideas!

We know their new baby was minted in heaven, and that little one deserves to enter this world celebrated by the most darling mint and gold speckled baby shower you ever did see!

(Try not to be too jealous of all the expecting mothers once you see this DARLING baby shower!

)The graham cracker rim and toasty marshmallows on top will totally take your regular hot chocolate over the top.

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