Dns not updating ip addresses

As more software clients and hardware vendors adopt the DNS-O-Matic API, the reach and ease of adoption for your service expands automatically.

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For that reason, many of these tools are redundant—if one tool doesn't work, try using another.

Please let me know and I'll put the changes on my list of things to do.

Basically DNS provides a name to number (IP address) mapping or translation, allowing internet users to use, easy to remember names, and not numbers to access resources on a network and the Internet.

In this tutorial we will cover the basics of DNS starting with why it was developed, what problems it was designed to solve.

This is the one, the only, the original "Ad hoc IPTools Page." There are many imitators out there (and for all you "hackers" who have stolen my HTML code without my permission—pox on you!

), but none are as up-to-date and useful as this very page right here.All devices (computers etc) that are connected to the Internet, your own network, or company network are identified by an IP address; which is a number.To make it easy for people to remember names (host names) are used to identify individual computers on a network.In virtually all such cases, the association of the IANA name with a particular address is not actually useful in dealing with the abuse incident.IANA is a set of record-keeping functions we provide, it is not an ISP, and we have no control over the use of any Internet Protocol (IP) addresses except the very few that are directly tied to the domain name.(I'm not the creator of any of these tools— I'm not that bright! Contact the tool's Source: Network Tools (This tool has been removed due to it's extremly high "maintenance" level.

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