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Everything from the topic you choose, to how you position it, to the copywriting strategy you use to sell it boils down to figuring out what people are willing, and even driven, to pay for.As far as ebooks go, the first question you have to ask is whether or not the ebook is the format you should be using at all.Expires: 09/09/2017Last tested by Kristen on August 28, 2017.

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But one thing I do know about writing is the importance of creating an itch that will send readers flipping through page after page in order to scratch. Mostly, these knowledge gaps are used in successful marketing campaigns.

They added a CD set of a workshop where the author would go in-depth into concepts explored in the book.

Thousands of people have published dating self-help books, but Pagan’s book spoke to a unique niche.

“Double Your Dating” is a self-help book for men who have a hard time meeting women.

“Seduction Expert” isn’t a common job title you’ll find on Linked In, but it’s the career that has made Eben Pagan a millionaire.

The entrepreneur, author, and speaker is best known for his book “Double Your Dating,” a how-to guide that helps men become “rejection-proof”.Expires: 08/29/2017Last tested by Kristen on August 28, 2017.Added by Nicole on August 26Get Code 20% Off Promotion Code20% Off Coupon Code Get 20% OFF Select Womens Jeans with Target Promotional Code. I just used one to get you to click on on the read more button. However, I fit their demographic — male, heterosexual, single, with access to the internet — so naturally their ads targeted me. Believe it or not, successful magicians use the same tricks that successful writers, salesmen, marketers, news organizations, politicians, and even televangelists use: knowledge gaps. Hang with me, though, My goal isn’t to offend, but to give you a peek behind the curtain. In the late ’90s, when I was in college, one of the first successful online marketing organizations I ever ran across was called . I’m not trying to sell a book that explores these ideas further. You may choose to dismiss everything I’m about to write. What did was promise to fill that knowledge gap with information that would allow readers to fulfill their desire. I never bought or read the book, but I would imagine that it provided a series of tips about how a man could get a woman’s attention and explanations as to why those tips work on a psychological level.

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