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Since there was a large age gap between Carey and his older brothers, the solitary, depressed boy was often left to his own devices.When the school day was done, he entertained himself with humor books, recordings of comedians and cartoons, and spent time with friends such as David Lawrence.Connor Carey is reportedly the young protester in a Fox News video of an inauguration rally where protesters were seen burning signs.

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A source told TMZ that Connor Carey "regretted his words" after speaking with his parents, who were upset with their son's actions.

The Drew Carey Show (1995-2004) was a television show that chronicled a Cleveland blue-collar everyman's working life, the ups and downs of his romances, and his strong relationship with his long-time friends. Drew: [making closing argument] That guy at Tiananmen Square wasn't trying to stop a tank; he was trying to tell a funny knock-knock joke. And if you dump her, there'll be nobody to comfort her because everybody will be too busy trying to catch the monkeys that are flying out of my butt.

#unintentionaltwinning A post shared by Amie Nicole (@amienicole13) on \r\n I went to my first soccer game this week when I saw the Sounders play the Timbers with @drewfromtv and it was so much fun.

One of television’s brightest comedy sensations, Drew Carey headlines as an average, single everyday Cleveland guy with an underwhelming job and some unfulfilled dreams, struggling to stay financially and romantically afloat in an unpredictable era.

Carey attended Rhodes High School and, as a trumpet and a coronet player, he was deeply involved in the marching band.

After graduating in 1975, he enrolled in Kent State University, joined the Delta Tau fraternity, and became an avid board-game player.

" Says 'Never'Drew: If Kate gets the job, then it's not because she's the best friend a guy could ever have.

Drew Carey (born May 23, 1958) battled depression as a young adult.

The youngest of three brothers, Carey became especially withdrawn when his father, a draftsman for General Motors, succumbed to a brain tumor in 1966.

As a result, Carey asked for psychiatric care; his mother, who was working multiple jobs to support the family, didn't have time to help him seek out therapy.

The 58-year-old emceed the Veterans Inaugural Ball: Salute to Heroes hosted by The American Legion on Jan. The "Price is Right" host did not seem to be aware of his son's participation in the protest that night.

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