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In order to have all JDT-like features in DLTK-based IDE resolution of elements binding is done each time from scratch.

This ends up with a lot of queries and updates to index file, which are very I/O intensive operations.

So on a 16GB server something like 6-12GB seems about right.

error, mostly when you are working on larger code base, doing maven update for large projects etc. Below is the configuration to increase permgen space to 512 MB in file.

Note that there is no more Permgen space from Java 8 onwards, so setting this option will have no effect.

Remember that in some scenarios you will have to use 64bit java to be able to assign enough memory.

And your question about what Sitecore does - hard to tell. In some scenarios Sitecore keeps separate document with all the content of the document for every single language version you have in your solution.

This page presents a step-by-step procedure to get the sources of Osate 2 from the Git repository into an Eclipse workspace.

This tutorial supposes that you have access to Internet to download the tools and data. Eclipse Sirius is a graphical user interface builder that takes advantage of EMF based model representations. Sirius synchronizes with Xtext based model representations. we found Subversive a reasonable Eclipse plugin to interface with an SVN server.

Http Solr Solr at org.servlet.

Solr Dispatch Filter(Solr Dispatch at org.servlet.

Queued Thread Job Poll(Queued Thread at org.eclipse.thread.

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