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Giovanna is from AZ and is a bartender with her husband's Army survival book. Apparently it's a little chilly, but neither are awkward about their first meeting. pulling out a mosquito net, fire starter and a map from their satchels. which will be almost impossible given how much it rains here. Their fruit tree didn't provide anything ripe so they're out of luck today. No more 5 mile hikes when you're not consuming anything. In order to keep everyone safe, including the crew, they force her to evacuate. Giovanna's PSR remains at a 6.2 and she is down 20 pounds. She goes 19 days, 5 without a partner, no hands on experience before the challenge, FORCED to EVACUATE and her PSR stays the same?!?!

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Its sole purpose to discuss some of the things that may surprise someone who has never been to Ecuador.

Apparently, the plumbing system in all of Ecuador was not planned with toilet paper in mind.

While Ecuadorian women didn’t provide the same neck-whipping-double-takes on the streets as often as the ladies of Colombia and Argentina, there were a few diamonds in the rough that could hang with anyone.

Findings: Guayaquil produces the hottest women and they all seem to have been Miss Ecuador at some point and they all have nicknames (leave a comment if you actually read this part).

But I think this can be more from making direct translations from Spanish to English.

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Vicious: Images taken by bystanders show a group of women surrounding Angie Silva, who they hit continually with their fists, stilettos and handbags.

Made with cacao that is carefully fermented and dried by Vicente Norero of Camino Verde in Ecuador.

I ask locals who their favorite celebrities are and their ranking opinion.

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