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Jesse states on the pages that “the authenticated material used to put together this “upside down” family tree, was obtained through the research efforts of two of our relatives, namely his son Dwayne James, and a distant cousin Dorothy James Turner. Here is a good WOODSON website by a descendant that does a great job of giving the history of Jamestown… He met a 19 year old woman, Justina Thurston, and they were married.

I have acquired a lot of documents and records on this JAMES family over the many years since I received those “charts.” Since no source documents were listed on the hand-drawn trees, I have documented the ancestors in my James line by doing research in Virginia, Kentucky, and Washington, D. I’ll be adding my source information to this website as time permits. John Woodson, surgeon to the Jamestown Company, was Jesse’s 6th great grandfather. information on this webpage was provided by Thurston James and also came from the research of other family researchers and gathered in a very comprehensive James Family Tree which was compiled by Mike Nelson. Almost immediately after the marriage, John and his bride made plans to move to the Colonies in the New World.

The topic was broached after the singer opened up about suffering from agoraphobia in his 20s.

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder whose sufferers live in fear of places and situations that might cause panic.

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder whose sufferers live in fear of places and situations that might cause panic. John has been married three times: to Priscilla Mellencamp (1970-1981), Victoria Granucci (1981-1989), and Elaine Irwin (1992-2011).

As a result, John “couldn’t leave the house,” despite his red-hot career.“Do you think relationships with women are affected by agoraphobia and those difficult years? Every bad thing that a fella can be, that’s me.”“We’re still friends, though. It appears he is still on good terms with his third wife. I love the person I’ve become, the one I’ve evolved into.

The source claimed he had bought her a diamond and emerald necklace for her and added: "Christie was very touched. They're going to have their day and the kind of wedding they want."John was previously married to Priscilla Mellencamp, Victoria Granucci and Elaine Irwin.

John, 62, lives on a farm in Indiana while Meg, 52, lives in New York.As a result, John “couldn’t leave the house,” despite his red-hot career." data-reactid="32" on Wednesday and revealed that his ex-girlfriend is not his biggest fan.The topic was broached after the singer opened up about suffering from agoraphobia in his 20s.” Mellencamp, 64, has been dating Brinkley, 61, since August.“After four divorces, she’s soured on matrimony and is resisting a fifth marriage,” the insider continued.At least if John has anything to say about it."They added: "John is a throwback guy, he opens every door for her, and she loves that sense of chivalry."The pair looked very loved up as they stepped out to celebrate the mother-of-three's birthday earlier this month.

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