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DHARAMPAL • COLLECTED WRITINGS Volume III THE BEAUTIFUL TREE DHARAMPAL • COLLECTED WRITINGS Volume I Indian Science and Technology in the Eighteenth Century Volume II Civil Disobedience in Indian Tradition Volume III The Beautiful Tree: Indigenous Indian Education in the Eighteenth Century Volume IV Panchayat Raj and India's Polity Volume V Essays on Tradition, Recovery and Freedom THE BEAUTIFUL TREE Indigenous Indian Education in the Eighteenth Century by Dharampal Other India Press Mapusa 403 507, Goa, India The Beautiful Tree By Dharampal First Edition (1983) by Biblia Impex Second Edition (1995) by Keerthi Publishing House and AVP Printers and Publishers, Coimbatore This edition is published as part of a special collection of Dharampal's writings, by: Other India Press Mapusa 403 507, Goa, India.

Before making it to the temple, you'll pass by the viewing deck where you will see a panoramic vista of the city (Picture #2) and a small waterfall on the side way (Picture #4). If you're physically challenged or you don't feel like climbing up there, you may opt to take the elevator for THB 30. :) We're still young and healthy, so we climbed up.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep This temple is definitely a must-see in Chiang Mai. When you arrive, you will see this long Naga Serpent staircase which you have to climb to get to the temple. If you ever got hungry for exerting too much effort, don't worry!

There are more than 300 Buddhist temples around the city, but I'll just show you those that I think worth seeing and easily accessible from the city center.

The first on our list was the Wat Phra That which is situated near the top of Doi Suthep (Mount Suthep).

ISBN No.: 81-85569-49-5 (HB) Set ISBN No.: 81-85569-50-9 (PB) Set Printed by Sujit Patwardhan for Other India Press at MUDRA, 383 Narayan, Pune 411 030, India. They scratched the soil and began to look at the root, and left the root like that, and the beautiful tree perished.

In memory of Shri Jayaprakash Narayan for his unflagging interest and guidance in this work. The village schools were not good enough for the British administrator, so he came out with his programme.

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A police officer, right, advise refugees to follow him after they were pulled out of a train by German Federal Police at the train station of the south German border town Passau, Germany, Wednesday, Sept. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber) Ultimately, the situation can be a good one.

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