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Unlike other books in the New Testament, it is a work of prophecy, talking primarily about future events.

Fueled by popular fascination with the end of the world, “apocalyptic” books and movies have become staples of pop culture and fine art.

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In a Facebook post he claimed it was a "victory" when he was allowed into the intensive care ward, saying: "Let's believe for a miracle and that Great Ormond Street Hospital would continue do the right thing".

The High Court ruled on Monday that Charlie's parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard, should be given the chance to present new evidence their son should be given the treatment.

Many people avoid this important book of the Bible because it’s too confusing, or because it’s frightening.

While Revelation can be difficult to understand and can generate more questions than answers, to not delve into this book is to miss the most powerful and important revelation of all: Jesus Himself.

At times this mingling of politics, morals and religion has taken on a Manichaean language that divides reality between absolute Good and absolute Evil. Bush spoke in his day about challenging the “axis of evil” and stated it was the USA’s duty to “free the world from evil” following the events of September 11, 2001.

Today President Trump steers the fight against a wider, generic collective entity of the “bad” or even the “very bad.” Sometimes the tones used by his supporters in some campaigns take on meanings that we could define as “epic.” These stances are based on Christian-Evangelical fundamentalist principles dating from the beginning of the 20th Century that have been gradually radicalized.The series includes each book in PDF, Kindle, and Nook formats. This phrase is printed on the banknotes of the United States of America and is the current national motto.The Book of Revelation, full of complex imagery and vivid depictions of violence, outlines God’s plan for the Second Coming of Christ and the punishment of Satan in a lake of fire.In the years since it was written near the end of the First Century A.D., it has confounded countless scholars who tried to unravel its mysteries.

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