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Dating shows involve intimate feelings, but don’t seem to take any responsibility for the emotional well-being of their contestants.

On the corporate side, hundreds of company parties, benefits, and charity fundraisers are to Dan’s credit.

These include: New Balance Sneaker Company, Cisco Systems, Habitat for Humanity, The Lance Armstrong Foundation, Home Depot, Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments, Worcester Police Department, the USO, and countless others.

The object would arrive and be met by Bob Eubanks, who would surprise the mark with his/her admirer, who would ask him/her on a date.

Most objects of affection, feeling pressured because of the public setting, would accept.

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this Friday, Reggie tries to mend his broken heart as a contestant on Scott’s new dating show.

That got us thinking about dating shows of the past, especially the super weird ones. This ABC one-off took the discount sushi model and applied it to dating, with prospective bachelors brought on set by a conveyor belt.

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