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If the teen comedies of the 1980’s were somehow transplanted to the digital age of the 2010’s Parallels would be the band that most exemplified those tales of angst, romance, acceptance and the hope that all would be sorted out by the end credits. I just got a hearty laugh from seeing your Age of Consent video (cool to hear Artem’s vocals too! I’m sorry I missed the Civilization EP release but am catching up now.

I’d say I’m a bit of an old soul, generally pretty positive but not afraid to confront my shadows so my music is a space where all those emotions can come through – will forever be dealing with being a Gemini.

Of course I had to help out with the household chores but let’s leave that out. Did I feel and did my mum think that I was an adult just because I had breasts and was menstruating once a month? Yes, I wanted to have a boyfriend then, but at 14 marriage was the last thing on my mind.

The main focus in life was to do well in school and get into a reputable university so that I can get a high-paying job, buy everything that I ever wanted, travel the world and change it.

Bands, Electronica, Interviews, Music, Parallels, Synth-Pop, Artem Galperine, canada, Holly Dodson, Marigold Records, Marigold Studio, Metropolis, new wave, Nick Dodson, Parallels, Rich Dodson, synth-pop Parallels is a synth-pop trio from Canada featuring the sometimes crystalline and fragile, sometimes sultry and sensual vocals of Holly Dodson.

Starting out as a vehicle for former Crystal Castles drummer Cameron Findlay and Dodson, friends from high school, after their debut , Holly and band sound more confident than ever, the interplay of drums and synths and vocals draw you in from the first seconds of the title and first track.

im versatile, flexible in more ways than one, and love to make others cum. Ill be playing guitar on cam occasionally, topless by demand! CHris :( ), NIN, Too L, Pantera, STP, Pearl Jam, Beck, Poe, Biohazard, Non Point, Rage Against The Machine, Audio Slave, Stabbing West Ward, The Chemical Brothers, Beastie Boys, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Jethro Tull, The Eagles, Led Zepplin, Eric Clapton, Rush, Metallica, so many more. I also have the Lovense Nora available with any show by request,the interactive dildo that comes with a link i send you, so YOU control my orgasms, or make me beg for more/mercy!

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You also wrote and created most of the music on your several albums.

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