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It held that primates have large brains because they live in socially complex societies: the larger the group, the larger the brain.Thus, from the size of an animal’s neocortex, the frontal lobe in particular, you could theoretically predict the group size for that animal.

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Just when we thought life as a millennial couldn’t get any worse, we now have to contend with depressing dating moves working their way into our friendships too.

According to Refinery 29, ‘breadcrumbing’, a concept once limited to stringing along a potential booty call is now infiltrating your social circle and what’s worse, is that it’s something we can all be guilty of.

“I do sometimes think it'd be easier and more honest to just give up trying to stay friends with someone if you can only be bothered to ping them a message once every few weeks.” Paul, 29, from Newcastle, agreed adding, “There are at least three people in my friend network who put in the minimum effort possible to keep the friendship alive.

“When we're together it's great, and just like old times.

When it comes to keeping in touch, none of us really believe that a few messages here and there can substitute an IRL natter yet, but we’re all guilty of sending sporadic “Hey, how are you? , “People think breadcrumbing is confined to romantic relationships but it's definitely a thing in friend groups.

“You can't like all of your friends the same and I get that, but there are people who drop a little text as a 'breadcrumb' every few months just to stay on your radar.But in between it's sporadic texts weeks apart, and it feels like it's just to keep the flame alive for when they're stuck for someone to go on a night out with.” Thanks to the rise in social media, our friendship circles have inevitably increased but, why do we feel the need to constantly stoke relationships we have no real interest in developing?Dr Max Blumberg, psychology researcher at Goldsmiths University of London says a compulsion to constantly feel needed is to blame. It’s ‘I need my self-esteem stroked by people wanting to follow up and see me,’” he told .I’m pretty sure the rest of the guys are just flirting with me while they’ve got the chance, since I’m single (at least I hope that’s all it is).I’d really REALLY like to try dating Mario, but I’ve been friends with Luigi for years and don’t want to hurt his feelings.I’m considering dating Mario secretly, without telling the rest of the group for a while, but then that presents a whole other set of problems.

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