George clooney whos he dating in 2016

George Clooney’s said he will do whatever it takes to help Hillary Clinton get elected — and now the “Money Monster” star’s putting his money where his mouth is.

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First, just to get it out there, I'm very pro-LGBTQ rights, and anyone should be free to be what they want sexually so long as it doesn't hurt someone else.

Second, I care about who is gay only as a matter of curiosity; e.g., if people say someone is gay, I might wonder, Oh, is that really true? it would never have crossed my mind that Clooney is gay. But my gay Pilates teacher not only thinks so but was telling the whole class his theory about how he is gay and the studio has him marry beards and whatnot. I also asked my gay friend on FB with whom I talk just about every day what he thought, and he agreed that Clooney was gay, though he couldn't cite an exact reason.

We’re going to walk around the most famous golf course in the world,’” he explained, referencing the course in Scotland where he played last week. If I am not really committing myself to that, then it’s better that I don’t have a different person.”Asked what has stopped him from committing to himself, Murray continued, “What stops [any of] us is we’re kinda really ugly if we look really hard.

“But there’s a lot that I am not doing that I need to do.”Specifically? becoming more connected to myself,” Murray said, getting deep.

Ellen Barkin has George and Amal Clooney to thank – as the actress is said to have met her new boyfriend at the couple's wedding last September.

According to reports, the 60-year-old star is dating Ben Emmerson, a British barrister who has worked with Amal in the past..

“Just something like working on yourself or self-development or something .

it’s just sort of an obligation.”And that, ladies, is perhaps the lengthy reason why Murray did not invite us to be his plus-one at Clooney’s wedding last month.

Clooney previously said that for Clinton, he’d do “whatever she wants, whatever way I can help,” but his new swell of support is coming at the same time he publicly bashed GOP front-runner Donald Trump as a “xenophobic fascist” this week.

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