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Ghauri enjoyed fame in the early 1990s after her first major cover with Elle Magazine in January 1991.

Soon after, she became the face of both Chanel and Jil Sander.

Jailing Techsense UK’s two directors at Oxford Crown Court, Judge Ross said: “It is a scandal that no one checked with the organisations that were supposedly contracting with Techsense UK. Of those 50 led to visas and it was estimated that more than 120 family members and dependents were later granted additional visas.

Orthodox Muslims fear her prolific media presence will taint their children’s minds.

But its difficult for those who grew up with Yasmeen not to hold her up as a super-role-model for everything they have been conditioned to achieve.

It was the assessment of US state department that Mian Nawaz Sharif was too courteous a gentleman not to oblige a guest of the standing of US President.

Had therefore Pakistan agreed to postpone the test firing - it would have come under tremendous pressure perhaps in return for some more 'peanuts.' The US media under-played Pakistan's achievement by side tracking the issue by asserting that Pakistan had pirated the North Korean technology.

By the end of 1990, Ghauri appeared on the cover of French Elle magazine in July and December.

In September, she graced the catwalk for Gianni Versace's show in Milan and by the next month, she was walking for Chanel, Helmut Lang, Jean Paul Gaultier and Lanvin in Paris.

But at home, her accomplishments are greeted with a mixture of fascination and fear, as parents and children of a religion whose practices are nurtured far away grapple with the strains imposed by their host culture.

According to the standards brought decades ago from the Muslim world, Ghauri, known professionally simply as Yasmeen, is considered to flout the importance Islam places on modesty.

It had also failed to disclose vital information to the prosecution until the last day of the trial - an oversight which almost brought the proceedings to an end.

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