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that overprotective parents could make their kids run the app while driving so they can work out how safe they are. A lot scarier is the thought that some day an overzealous police force may push a government to make running apps like this compulsory, but that’s just speculative.Will groundings, car-privilege denials, and worse happen if you don’t score 90? What is perhaps more interesting than the app itself is the tiny semiconductor sensors that make this possible.Now it’s emerged that Apple has become the second-biggest purchaser of MEMS devices in the world, increasing its buy by 117% to 5 million in 2010, pushing Apple ahead of Nintendo itself.

A new i Phone app from insurance giant State Farm uses the device’s accelerometers and other sensors to work out how well you’re driving.

Perfect timing, as it’s just emerged that Apple is the world’s second-biggest buyer of these sorts of tiny sensors.

Having made its invisible measurements, and run through its algorithm to work out how well or badly you’ve done on its key metrics, the app then reports to you your score, rated out of 100.

You can even share it with people, if you’re particularly proud.

Also, you can score bonus points by flicking presents to their recipient instead of dragging them to their hands.

The granny's rap is funny, the gameplay is silly, and the music of the game has a real Our major concern with the game was its complete lack of replay value once you memorized the rap, and the fact that it's a holiday themed game which doesn't give it much of a purpose outside of the holiday season.

Elderly users of i Phones and i Pads will certainly enjoy using this app because it has very simple and user-friendly interface where you can create or delete your schedules on a daily or weekly basis.

Pill Reminder even can work without being connected to network and that is another advantage I find pretty awesome.

They are easily overlooked by the consumer, yet without them, the i Phone wouldn’t have half its powers–and the motion-sensing Wii wouldn’t have been possible.

They’re called MEMS, and they were developed for a number of reasons, including for airbag sensors in cars.

Available for free in the App Store I don’t know how your grandmas but my granny finds it her mission to make me fatter each time I visit her.

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