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s a young wife, back when I thought I was Martha Stewart, I carefully sewed fancy round paper clips onto miles and miles of candy-striped ribbon.Every year, we suspend the lengths of ribbon from doors and attach our Christmas cards to them. Each year I seem to need one less Stepford Wife String. I am taking this blow to my self-esteem nobly, one confidence-salving glass of sauvignon blanc at a time, because at least I know I’m not alone.

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Telling your loved ones you have cancer is never easy.

But I admit I was surprised when I broke the news to a friend over the phone that I was about to have a lump in my right breast removed. Rather than receiving comforting words from her, I found myself saying, “There’s no need for all that”, and telling her to cheer up.

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They are all in the scale 1 inch = 1 foot [1/12 scale].

There are vintage and historical miniature wallpapers dating from 1750 -1970, as well as a selection of floral, patterns, stripes, brick and borders.

While I was searching for historically correct miniature wallpaper, my interest in this topic grew.

I came across a lot of interesting facts about how, when and why wallpaper evolved, and how the designs changed over they years.

You are welcome to download them to use in your doll's house or miniature projects.

There are more than 200 miniature wallpapers to choose from.

I can’t believe it, but graduation is right around the corner!

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