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The excellent optical quality of the BX53 combined with a highly modular concept, allow the customisation of systems as well as the option to upgrade with ease in the future as requirements change.

Avec ses centaines de fonctionnalités avancées pour les workflows vidéo SDI, IP et 4K Ultra HD, il va faire le bonheur des producteurs, éditeurs et créateurs de contenu qui recherchent une solution dernier cri.

est la solution de production vidéo à grande échelle la plus personnalisable du marché : un écosystème vidéo sur logiciel qui permet de produire à l'infini des vidéos IP, SDI et 4K Ultra HD interconnectées.

est la solution de production multicam et de publication média la plus complète.

Elle vous permet de créer des programmes audiovisuels sensationnels pour du streaming en direct, des vidéos en ligne, des projections, de la post-production, des diffusions télévisées et les réseaux sociaux.

The Pack consists of 11 Max for Live devices: a toolkit for exploration, or to open up in Max and adapt to your own needs (Max programming knowledge is required for this! Some devices demonstrate how you can use each protocol to capture different types of data.

You can get the pack using the download button to the right or by forking our repository on Git Hub. Hardwarelittle Bits™ - use the little Bits Arduino with other input/sensor Bits to control Live.Use LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3, Arduino, or little Bits™ to connect up sensors, lights or motors, open your sound world up to the web through JSON-based APIs, or convert OSC data to MIDI data.The list of input and output possibilities for music & sound creation with Live is almost endless.As other new features become available, we’ll highlight those for you in the app.I don't know if they cut the budget on Mentions or what. I can't access what other people post on my page--I found it once and have never been able to find it again. If I try to see "Insights" or "Mentions," I get an error message telling me I don't have access to my own page.From microscopes for training and routine tasks to high-end system solutions in the fields of life science, there is a system for every need.

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