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We do not currently have a way of blocking incoming texts or short codes on GSM devices. Much like unwanted calls that you may receive, you may occasionally receive unwanted texts if you have text messaging enabled.

Since those texts have been received, they do count towards your messaging usage. IMPORTANT: Our network partners do not provide service level guarantees for email-to-SMS messaging delivery.

Do you want to play with your friends by sending them anonymous messages? Every year I and my team find out best mobile apps for users.

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Sending an anonymous messages is a brilliant idea that will leave your friends surprising who you really are.

In the Mobile App Market today, you can find a lot of applications that will provide you with free text message services anonymously.

If you depend on email-to-text service, we recommend a free Google Voice or Google Hangouts account.

If you need to automate SMS delivery for your business, you could also consider an (inexpensive, but paid) service like Twilio.

The text of the message can be entered either on the command line or read from a text file. If you don't specify any arguments, SENDHTML will display its command dialog.

Before you can use SENDHTML, you must either set the SMTP configuration options, or have a default account in the registry.

For example, to block incoming text messages from 416-999-2430, the message would read: "block 4169992430".

After the block was successful, the system will reply to let you know the number has been blocked.

Depending on your system configuration, you may also need to start an Internet Set a custom header.

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