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In the New York area, the show was the highest-rated morning program consecutively between 19.A total of .5 million in fines were issued to station licensees that carried the show by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), for what it considered indecent material.

Gange and Grillo (vol 13) 109.) Superbowl Massage Party (vol 13) 110.) Mark Harris comes in (vol 13) 111.) Slash from Guns N Roses Pt 1 (vol 13) 112.) Slash from Guns N Roses Pt 2 (vol 13) 113.) Stuttering John at ESPY Awards (vol 14) 114.) Patti Davis Reagan (vol 14) 115.) Elephant Boy and stippers promote video (vol 14) 116.) Nicole Bass-Worlds Largest Female Bodybuilder (vol 14) 117.) Jan Michael Vincent Pt 1 (vol 14) 118.) Jan Michael Vincent Pt 2 (vol 14) 119.) Heather Locklear surprises Howard Pt 1 (vol 15) 120.) Heather Locklear surprises Howard Pt 2 / recap (vol 15) 121.) Prank on Gary while at Learning Annex (vol 15) 122.) Grillo gets his head shaved bald Pt 1 (vol 15) 123.) Grillo gets his head shaved bald Pt 2 (vol 15) 124.) Susan Oleson (Cindy Brady) (Vol 15) 125.) Goofing on Scott Depace hugging Tranny (vol 15) 126.) Intern Jeopardy-w/Stuttering VIc, Basil and Chris (vol 15) 127.) Sally Kirkland makes out with Jackie Puppet (vol 15) 128.) Gilbert Gottfried as "Dracula Gottfried" pt 1 (vol 15) 129.) Gilbert Gottfried as "Dracula Gottfried" pt 2 (vol 15) 130.) Superbowl Scores Party and p-whipped Gary and Scott (vol 16) 131.) Big Blackie comes in (vol 16) 132.) Penthouse Pets visit Part 1 (vol 16) 133.) Nicole Eggert Part 1 (vol 16) 134.) Nicole Eggert Part 2 (vol 16) 135.) Richard Lewis (vol 17) 136.) Miss Vickie: The first Ms Tiny Tim (vol 17) 137.) Stuttering John Oscar interviews (vol 17) 138.) Elephant Boy goes for Speech Therapy (vol 17) 139.) Gary fires Stuttering John (vol 17) 140.) Ralph and the Superbowl Bet Part 1 (vol 17) 141.) Bill Kinison, Sams brother (vol 18) 142.) Martin Lawrence Part 1 (vol 18) 143.) Martin Lawrence Part 2 (vol 18) 144.) Stuttering John and Gange prank Jackie (vol 18) 145.) Zookeeper John Debella asks for job Part 1 (vol 18) 146.) Zookeeper John Debella asks for job Part 2 (vol 18) 147.) Sexual Jeopardy with Chaunce Hayden (vol 18) 148.) Julie Celini-Playmate of the Year 1995 (vol 20) 149.) Victoria the Russian Playmate Pt 1 (vol 20) 150.) Victoria the Russian Playmate Pt 2 (vol 20) 151.) Sandy Taylor Playboy Playmate Pt 1 (vol 21) 152.) Sandy Taylor and William Shatner Pt 2 (vol 21) 153.) William Shatner (vol 21) 154.) Yasmine Bleeth-E show anniversary (vol 21) 155.) Robin takes Polygraph test (vol 21) 156.) Goofing on Gange (vol 21) 157.) Stuttering John at Freedom of Press Event Pt 1 (vol 21) 158.) Stuttering John at Freedom of Press Event Pt 2 (vol 21) 159.) Baba Booey gets new caps for teeth (vol 22) 160.) Female writers from Seinfeld (vol 22) 161.) David Brenner visits (vol 22) 162.) Melrose Larry Green annoys everyone (vol 22) 163.) Senator Arlen Spector (vol 22) 164.) Kenneth Keith Kallenbach (vol 22) 165.) Claude Lemeiux brings in Stanley Cup (vol 22) 166.) Gay Rich confronts Grillo over picking on Interns (vol 22) 167.) Garys new Baba Booey T shirt (vol 22) 168.) Baba Booeys Efficiency Problem (vol 23) 169.) Gary and Scott fight over Best Of (vol 23) 170.) Elephant Boy comes in (vol 23) 171.) Stuttering John interviews Tommy Lasorda (vol 24) 172.) Anna Nicole Smiths first appearance Pt 1 (vol 24) 173.) Anna Nicole Smiths first appearance Pr 2 (vol 24) 174.) Mike Judge from Beavis and Butthead Pt 1 (vol 24) 175.) Mike Judge from Beavis and Butthead Pt 2 (vol 24) 176.) Ralph and John in fistfight (vol 25) 177.) Italian Radio guys visit (vol 25) 178.) Black Jeopardy Pt 1 (vol 25) 179.) Black Jeopardy Pt 2 (vol 25) 180.) Freds wife in Tony and Tinas Wedding (vol 25) 181.) Fred makes out with girl for revenge Pt 1 (vol 26) 182.) Fred makes out with girl for revenge Pt 2 (vol 26) 183.) David Brenner and girlfriend (vol 26) 184.) Croix the weird lady (vol 26) 185.) David Lee Roth comes in (vol 26) 186.) Fran Drescher (vol 26) 187.) Dennis Rodman Pt 1 (vol 26) 188.) Dennis Rodman Pt 2 (vol 26) 189.) German Radio guys visit (vol 27) 190.) Garys Marraige Nightmare (vol 27) 191.) Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert Pt 1 (vol 27) 192.) Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert Pt 2 (vol 28) 193.) Robin refuses to sign Johns B-day card (vol 28) 194.) The Return of Pat Cooper Pt 1 (vol 28) 195.) The Return of Pat Cooper Pt 2 (vol 28) 196.) Miss Amercia Book Release (vol 28) 197.) "Guess the Asian" game (vol 29) 198.) Stuttering John pranks Grillo (vol 29) 199.) Mystery Guest Tim Allen (vol 29) 200.) Reggie Miller comes in (vol 30) 201.) Jenna Jamesons first appearance (vol 30) 202.) Miss America Book Informercial (60 min) (vol 31) 203.) Robin at a horse show (vol 31) 204.) Howards Birthday Show 1996 Pt 1 (vol 32) 205.) Howards Birthday Show 1996 Pt 2 (vol 32) 206.) Howards Birthday Show 1996 Pt 3 (vol 32) 207.) Howards Birthday Show 1996 Pt 4 (vol 32) 208.) Howards Birthday Show 1996 Pt 5 (vol 32) 209.) Joe Frazier comes in (vol 32) 210.) Mr T comes in (vol 32) 211.) Brandy and Kimberly Taylor (vol 32) 212.) Tiny Tim visits (vol 33) 213.) Amy Lynn-Penthouse Pet (vol 33) 214.) Gena Lee Nolin from Baywatch (vol 33) 215.) Jon Stewart comes in (vol 33) 216.) Gabrielle Reece Volleyball Model Pt 1 (vol 33) 217.) Gabrielle Reece Volleyball Model Pt 2 (vol 33) 218.) Elephant Boy accepts award for Howard (vol 33) 219.) Robins date with Dennis Rodman Pt 1 (vol 33) 220.) Robins date with Dennis Rodman Pt 2 (vol 33) 221.) Ozzy Osbournes first visit Pt 1 (vol 34) 222.) Ozzy Osbournes first visit Pt 2 (vol 34) 223.) John gets slapped at Red Ball event Pt 1 (vol 34) 224.) John gets slapped at Red Ball event Pt 2 (vol 34) 225.) Howard and Gary fight over Garys mistake (vol 34) 226.) Scores girls get Hypnotized Pt 1 (vol 35) 227.) Scores girls get Hypnotized Pt 2 (vol 35) 228.) Scores girls get Hypnotized Pt 3 (vol 35) 229.) Howard makes Robin boss of Gary and Scott (vol 35) 230.) David Letterman in studio Pt 1 (vol 36) 231.) David Letterman in studio Pt 2 (vol 36) 232.) Howard complains over water shortage (vol 36) 233.) Howard plays "Guess the Jew" (vol 36) 234.) The Jackie Impression Contest Pr 1 (vol 36) 235.) The Jackie Impression Contest Pt 2 (vol 37) 236.) Howard chews out Scott over his work (vol 37) 237.) Chris Darden Pt 1 (vol 37) 238.) Chris Darden Pt 2 (vol 37) 239.) Howard yells at Ralph over showing book pics (vol 37) 240.) Garys Bad Breath (vol 38) 241.) Buster Douglas Former Champ (vol 38) 242.) Phoney Phone Call Awards (vol 38) 243.) Irish broadcasters visit (vol 38) 244.) Crackhead Bob visits (vol 38) 245.) Robin is pissed at Howard over book pics (vol 39) 246.) Howard makes Fred Quit (classic) Pt 1 (vol 39) 247.) Howard makes Fred Quit (classic) Pt 2 (vol 39) 248.) Carmen Electra first ever visit (vol 39) 249.) John evicts Gange and Grillo (vol 39) 250.) Marky and Joey Ramone visit (vol 39) 251.) Elephant Boy dates Married woman Pt 1 (vol 40) 252.) Elephant Boy dates Married woman Pt 2 (vol 40) 253.) Howard berates Grillo over getting "Lonch" (vol 40) 254.) Norm Macdonald as Bob Dole Pt 1 (vol 40) 255.) Norm Macdonald as Bob Dole Pt 2 (vol 40) 256,) Jackie gets berated over mooching (vol 40) 257.) Reverend Al Sharpton visits (vol 40) 258.) Ralph yelled at over prank on Howard (vol 40) 259.) Stacy Sanches Playmate of the Year (vol 41) 260.) Lenny Kravitz comes in (vol 41) 261.) Kelly Lebrock Pt 1 (vol 41) 262.) Kelly Lebrock Pt 2 (vol 41) 263.) Andrea-Howards College crush (vol 41) 264.) John Interviews at Tavern on the Green (vol 41) 265.) More John and the Mad Russian at Buchanan rally (vol 41) 266.) Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini (vol 42) 267.) Sal the Stockbrokers first appearance (vol 42) 268.) Jackie and Dice Clay get in fight (vol 42) 269.) Howard fights with Gary over music (vol 42) 270.) Kenneth Keith and Maureens Date Pt 1 (vol 43) 271.) Kenneth Keith and Maureens Date Pt 2 (vol 43) 272.) Mike Gange grilled by Howard (vol 43) 273.) Pat Cooper Pt 1 (vol 43) 274.) Pat Cooper Pt 2 (vol 43) 275.) Jenna Jameson and her dad come in (vol 43) 276.) Krise does nude scene with Fred (vol 44) 277.) John Interviews-Richard Simmons (vol 44) 278.) Porn Star Nikki Tyler (vol 44) 279.) Jasmine St.

The Howard Stern Show is an American talk radio show hosted by Howard Stern.

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