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Most of the text on a Web page is formatted in For a browser to understand that this is a paragraph, you (or in this case, Dreamweaver) have to make it one by adding the surrounding tags.Preparing your websites for the New Year or revising the content?

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Let us explore some of the ways to auto update the copyright year on a website.

The Copyright information on a website provides useful information about copyright ownership on the website content.

The Website Copyright adds ownership to the site content and it is crucial to reinstate it every year.

An updated copyright not only shows that the site is maintained but also gets it rated high on SEO search lists.

Feel like updating of copyright year is a monotonous and tedious task?

Look at some of the approaches for updating copyright year automatically without hassle!

For example, for an English campaign, use *|TRANSLATE:en|* and we'll include a list of links to all supported languages except English.

Displays the language code for a particular subscriber.

Then save and close this code to return to the worksheet, now when you change the cell value or type new data in Column B, the date and time will be recorded automatically in Column C. In the above code, you can modify the “B: B” to any other column that you want to change the cell values in this script: script, you can insert and update the date and time to the first column next to your changing value column, you can change the number 1 to other numbers, such as 2,3,4,5…that means the date will be inserted the second, third, fourth or fifth column besides your changed values column. When you delete a value in the changed column, the date and time will be removed as well.

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