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The Database Engine keeps statistics about the distribution of the key values in each index of the table, and uses these statistics to determine which index or indexes to use in compiling the query plan.

If, however, there are problems with these statistics then the performance of queries will suffer.

If there’s no statistics, the optimizer will have to guess row-counts rather than estimate them, and believe me: this is not what you want!

There are several ways of finding out from both the estimated and actual execution plans whether the optimizer comes across missing statistics. The there will be an exclamation mark in the graphical execution plan and a warning in the extended operator information, just like the one in Picture 1.

Additionally, you can specify default options for all encrypted attributes in your class.

Instead of having to define your class like this: It is recommended to use a symbol or a proc for the key and to store information regarding what key was used to encrypt your data.

The following list is the most recent report of fixes for customer-reported defects in Versions 11.50.x C7, 11.50.x C7W1, 11.50.xc7W3 and 11.50.x C7W4.

UC7W1 Informix provides periodic fixes for release 11.50.

SQL Server Statistics assist the query optimiser to calculate the best way of running the query.

Holger describes every common way that things can go wrong with statistics, and how to put matters right.

You can pass in the instance of your class as an argument to the proc. For example: Here is an example class that uses an instance method to determines the encryption key to use.

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