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October 2, 1997 Istvan Cseri, Andrew Layman, Chris Lovett, Jean Paoli, and David Schach Microsoft cofounded the XML working group at the W3C in July 96 and actively participated in the definition of the standard.This article describes why Microsoft implemented its first XML application and how it led to the development of two XML parsers shipping in Internet Explorer 4.0, one written in C and the other in Java.

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XML Weekend Crash Course covers the ins and outs of XML in 30 sessions.

Each session is designed to take 30 minutes to complete, so the Crash Course is an intense 15-hour learning period.

Unlike a sophisticated programming language with a large runtime library, an XML document has relatively few syntax structures to memorize.

Without the need for online help and syntax completion, a simple text editor can provide a perfectly viable tool for writing XML documents.

The first broadly popular form of Web "metadata" (so called because it describes data about other data) is the Channel Definition Format, or CDF [1].

This allows a Web site to post a description of itself in a standard form.

We describe the importance of designing an object model API and our vision of XML as a universal, open data format for the Internet.

Conventional Web use waits for a user to request a page before sending it. A powerful alternative exists, however, called "push" or "webcasting," in which pages are sent to a user in advance, based on automatic matching of pages to the user's interests.

Although many applications involve XML that is generated automatically (for example, the body of a SOAP message), there are at least as many instances in which the document is authored and maintained by a human being.

With the proliferation of massive Integrated Development Environments (such as Microsoft Visual Interdev and Borland's JBuilder 4.0), it is amazing how much can be accomplished with a lowly text editor.

You can complete the Crash Course over a single weekend -- but you can also easily adapt the Crash Course sessions to whatever schedule best suits your needs.

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