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Reluctantly giving Emma a home over his jewellery shop, he forbids all contact with the convicted man.

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We have games to fit all ages and with our latest addition of a virtual reality escape room experience, you can combine your niece or nephew’s greatest loves, playing games and mall shopping.

When you meet Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer together, you’re overcome by two thoughts: The first one is, “These are both very handsome human beings.” The second is almost a strange sense of intimidation because Cavill and Hammer are both very tall, imposing people (I’m 6-feet tall, and it’s not often I’m the “short one” when interviewing actors), to the point that if there were some sort of altercation near us, I’m glad they were both here to diffuse this hypothetical, non-existent situation. It was an odd setup, because there were publicists, members of the commercial’s crew, and really who knows who else who just happened to be sitting in the theater as the three of us spoke. E., Hammer explains just how he wound up playing himself in this summer’s Entourage movie (this story alone might be worth the price of admission), Hammer looks back on why The Lone Ranger was such a tough sell (and we debate if critics really had ganged up on the film), and Cavill discusses if the plot of next year’s highly anticipated Batman v Superman really is a direct response to the critical reaction to Man of Steel. Armie Hammer: Honestly, the first thing is someone calls and says, “Guy Ritchie is doing it.” And you go, “I want to be in a Guy Ritchie movie. I’ll do this.” So, Steven Soderbergh was already off the movie. The only way I’ve been involved with the movie is with Guy and with Henry. So, when we see the “Clark Gable inspires Henry Cavill” headline, we shouldn’t believe them. Then Guy said, “Don’t copy the accent, make it your own and play around with it a bit.” Then, Guy eventually said to me, “Look, it kind of just sounds like you’re an English actor who can’t do an American accent.” So then we made it more American and we worked on it to make it sound like it is now. It’s the Transatlantic, affected, anglophile accent. It sets the tone for the whole movie, if that makes sense. Guy has a good ear for it, that’s why he wasn’t happy; he wasn’t going to let it sit and be like, “Eh, I guess we’ll fix it,” or, “It will do,” he just kept on saying, “It doesn’t work.” My favorite scene involves a very stylized boat chase.

On a warm Saturday in October, customers ranging from guys in their 20s, to a teenage girl, to a little boy with parents in tow, make their way down the narrow staircase that leads to the hidden hangout that is Uncle Funky’s Boards.

Incense warms the air in the psychedelic skate shop and helmets of every color dangle from the ceiling.

A compelling and dramatic new saga of the north west, set in the austere 1920s Emma Coles' life is shattered when her widowed father Frederick is imprisoned for theft.

She never believes that he is guilty - but her intimidating uncle, David Hawksworth, thinks otherwise.Law’s Vortigern is not only a formidable opponent as usurper to the throne, he also murdered Arthur’s brother and father, the former king Uther Pendragon.The film’s version of the uncle also bestows him with magical powers to defend his position against the rightful heir. went off the air just turned 47 (though, there was a subsequent 1983 television movie). It’s just one of those things that ends up being an enormously fun ride. Well, unless they were all huge Yellow Pages fan; Superman did like phone booths.) Ahead, Cavill and Hammer discuss the sleek The Man from U. Cavill: It’s kind of everyone’s favorite, isn’t it? Only by facing the truth about the past can Emma find happiness - and see justice finally done. The poor heroine had so many traumatic tragic experiences it was a little far fetched. But overall I enjoyed it because I thought of the sweet lady who so wanted me to read it.

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