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“These internal factors included talking on a phone while driving — 25 percent of young people ranked this as the biggest danger facing P-platers compared to 40 percent of all ages — their own speeding (22 percent versus 29 percent) and distracting passengers (14 percent versus 17 percent),” explained Genevieve Henderson, Vehicle Accident Lawyer for Slater & Gordon.

Related: 10 things you probably didn’t know about car insurance Aside from actively engaging in ‘fronting’ (where you take out motor insurance as the main driver on someone else’s behalf to reduce the premium), driving without a valid license, non-disclosure of poor health, drink/drug driving, the vehicle you’re driving not having a current MOT and giving a false address to secure cheaper insurance premium, there is a raft of alternative ways in which you can make your motor insurance policy null and void.

Not that anyone would obviously set out to do this, unless they’re A) criminally intent, B) naïve, C) thoughtless or indeed, D) stupid. You see while all the above-mentioned examples are seen as more blatant attempts to shoot yourself in the foot, there are many more which are purely down to crass foolishness on the part of the (often) clueless (and most definitely, hapless) driver.

Fronting If you bend the truth by listing someone, such as an older and more experienced driver, as your primary driver in order to pay lower premiums, you might find yourself bang out of luck when making a claim for a secondary driver.

For instance, if parents list their late teens or early 20-year-old children as secondary drivers when these individuals drive the vehicle in question 24/7 then they may be seen to be “fronting”. Research from Slater & Gordon has revealed how a driver’s age can affect road safety decisions, with drivers aged 16 to 24 years less likely to recognise factors inside a vehicle as safety hazards.

That’s exactly what happened last year to a vicar who almost had their insurance policy rendered null and void when their inoffensive bumper sticker came to light in the aftermath of sending her insurer photos in relation to a claim they’d recently filed.

So you can imagine their face when the insurance provider responded with a letter demanding that they explain just why they hadn’t previously informed them about the stickers, threatening to invalidate the policy if they failed to afford them a justifiable reason.But before we venture down that particular one way street, let’s remind ourselves why sometimes even the motor insurance providers take their rules and regulations to the jobsworthy limits.As a quick example, who’d have thought that placing a sticker on the boot of your car declaring your religious beliefs would result in an invalid policy?According to recent research, one in 10 of us has had our home burgled.More alarmingly perhaps is that one in three people admit to leaving doors unlocked when they leave the house and six per cent hide spare keys near their front door.• Driving without a valid driving licence can invalidate your cover.

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