Is miley dating liam

Ashley Tisdale is wondering that, too, but apparently she thinks it's Fifth Harmony should know better!They're damned if they do but damned if they don't, but better to do than not!

Thus, we think the couple might actually say this has been their The Moment of Kindling: The pair first reconnected with each other at a music festival in Australia just days after ringing in the New Year. News at the time that they hung out with Liam's whole family and showed quite a bit of PDA, "cuddling and kissing" while watching the concert.

From that moment forward, they were spotted out and about together more frequently, and we came to the conclusion that their years apart actually made their rekindling all the more fulfilling.

Or maybe it’s because the couple has broken up and gotten back together more times than we can count. After a nearly three-year hiatus, Liam and Miley (Liley? ) have been stronger than ever since reuniting in 2016 and brought their #relationshipgoals in toe.

Though the couple has had their ups and downs (and twerking scandals), they’ve known each other since 2009, and they met playing characters in a Nicholas Sparks movie! Check out our complete timeline of Liam and Miley’s relationship here.

By Claire Downs Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been on and off for the last seven years.

If it seems like a long time, maybe it’s because it is.

She attended big brother Chris Hemsworth's costume party and was later seen partying with Chris' wife Elsa Pataky on January 3 at the Byron Bay Music Festival.

The gals even went on a shopping trip together to get outfits for the occasion, with one the stores they hit up posting an Instagram of both ladies sticking out their tongues. Cyrus, who once swore that she was "urban," is out of her twerking phase.

Taylor Swift has dropped new music, and amid all the energy and excitement around that, we've been left to wonder whether her long-standing feud with Katy Perry is actually over.

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