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James Morrison (born 13 August 1984) is an English singer, songwriter and guitarist from Rugby, Warwickshire.

There is no information about his brothers and sisters, maybe he doesn't have any. They didn't marry each other though they were bonded for more than a decade. In 2006, his released his first single "You Give Me Something "but single ". He once described "the best thing is I've got memories of being a kid there and the worst thing is I've got memories of being a kid there".

It claimed massive hit all over the world including Europe, Australia and Japan. His health was also critical during his childhood days and the doctor once claimed that he only has 30% survival rate.

Then his brother had died, at 44, and his nephew at 21. “My whole upbringing had been negative, pretty much: never much money in the house, didn’t know where the next meal was coming from, all that stuff, but then I got out of it, I became James Morrison, singer songwriter, I had this new lease of life, and I finally felt OK about things…

He declines to go into details, out of respect for family members. and then it all started to go wrong again.” He says all this in one long breath, not looking at me.

But there are still times when I wake up wondering, “When is the landlord going to come round and kick me out?

” ’In the New Year, before he returns to touring, Morrison is planning a holiday in the Caribbean.They also gave birth to once child during this relationship.But the sad news is that they are not together now.A British by nationality, he belongs to white ethnicity.James is not the tallest of man, but he does have an average height.Instead, his gaze is trained into the middle distance, the detail around his eyes making him look older than his 31 years.

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