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someone at the table beside us ordered one and when i saw it i was like, “that looks like it feeds at least six people!

” but then somehow josh and i plowed through the entire thing just the two of us and i was all, “never mind!

Depending on where you live safety might be a concern, so try to find a place that does have at least a few other people roaming around as well.

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To add a little spice to the night, the couple can come up with three fun challenges for one another.

Simple ideas include cup stacking and solving Rubik's cubes, as well as more physical challenges like seeing who can do more situps in five minutes.

i know i’ve talked before about how we try hard to squeeze in date nights every so often because we find them to be so important for our relationship and marriage, but it’s just that when we do go out, we’re usually home fairly early. we had dinner at , a special spot josh has been wanting to go to for years so it was fun to finally make it happen (it was great! it was a good night, and one of those summer nights where new york felt really special.

we don’t often take the camera out with us on date nights, but i’m so glad we did on this night because we had a lot of fun snapping pictures like the olden days (before having kids i feel like i always loved documenting date nights more.) anyway, night time pictures are so different but kind of great in their own right. i ordered the mussels and then the pasta zaza which was so good.

Alec Baldwin's Trump makes return The White House was a busy place these last few weeks, from the exit of Chief strategist Steve Bannon to responses to racist riots.

Which meant Alec Baldwin had a lot to work with when the comedian revived his Emmy-nominated portrayal of President Trump to make his debut on Weekend Update: Summer Edition on Thursday.

josh is very much into finding the very best these days!

) also try the pommes anna (an alternative to french fries that was amazing.) and this chocolate soufflé was incredible.

When you're a Trump Mingle user, they let you do it," said one man in the ad.

Trump Mingle includes extreme vetting, people that share each others views on what a disaster dating is and a 30 percent discount on Russian mail-order brides for first- time users.

and this looks like those crayons we used to play with, melted red crayons all over my bed along with strips of you.

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