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It's 2017, stress is up, and sleep is down," she said.

"So why haven't mattress companies addressed the real reason why most Americans are tossing and turning? ' is in on that absurdity in a very obvious way to cut through the noise." The national TV spots will be airing during what Ms. Soon to follow will be out-of-home ads and a late-night social media push.

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But despite the work of Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, , and the rest, it’s hard not to wish Letterman, late-night’s greatest ironist and most ornery host, was still around to take aim. Don would say, “Rex, if you’re talking to your friends, ask them” — I’m sure the Russians groomed Trump. And by the way, we’re not paying the last 10 percent of the bill.” I think it’s the same shit. Who the fuck are you to throw a log in the road of somebody who has a different set of difficulties in life? He would really rather not have a society where free speech was going to be a factor. He would talk about the personalities involved, but not the war.

And so we’ve brought him out of retirement to weigh in on life after television and his old frequent guest and punching bag, the man he calls Trumpy. This thing about her telling everyone, “Go buy Ivanka’s shoes; I’m going to go buy Ivanka’s shoes. They gave him tips: “You want to be an authoritarian dictator? We’ll tell you how to do it, for God’s sake.” I think it was just all like that, because that’s the way Trump does business: “See if they’ll give us the tar coating? Do you feel any better about your fellow Indianan Mike Pence? Aside from and Alec Baldwin, who else in late-night TV comedy is doing good work? I’m telling you, there’s something between him and the Russians. ” “Tell him red.” “They say red, Don.” “Okay, red it is.” I do like the idea that Putin has something on Don and decided: “Let’s get him in office, and we’ll get things to go our way.” That’s beginning to sound like an Alex Jones theory, but that’d be fun, wouldn’t it? This is the scene in the movies: Holy crap, that would be great, wouldn’t it? His theory was, with the six o’clock news, the last thing people wanted to hear more of was young Americans dying painfully.

Carlile garnered wider recognition for her 2007 single The Story, from the album of the same name, was a greater commercial success.

The Story turned gold in 2017, selling 500,000 copies to date.

The dinosaurs of the mattress industry continue to use marketing jargon and manufactured specifications to manipulate consumers." That led to Casper's decision to "focus on the escapism of sleep, the absurdity of dreams and the pleasure of a life well slept." The campaign itself "isn't about selling mattresses," she said. Our goal is to remind you that sleep is essential to happiness. For now, lie down, take it easy, and let us tell you a good story." Perhaps that's why it takes forever to even get to the "Casper" name in the campaign.

When listening to the dial-in number, consumers will have to wait till the recorded voice explains "#9" to even find out the company itself is behind everything -- that's number finally hooks you up with a Casper representative.

Since retiring after 33 years on the late night television, David Letterman has kept a low public profile — aided by the growth of a truly impressive beard.

But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been as fixated on politics as the rest of us. If you’re a comedian or a late-night host, is there a responsibility to be taking on Trump?

Late night television in the United States is the block of television programming airing after p.m. Traditionally, this type of programming airs after the late local news and is most notable for being the daypart used for a particular genre of programming that falls somewhere between a variety show and a talk show.

Popular shows within the late night talk show genre include The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel Live! Famous former hosts include Johnny Carson of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno of The Tonight Show (who has taped more episodes than any other late night host), Arsenio Hall of The Arsenio Hall Show, Tom Snyder of Tomorrow, and The Late Late Show, Steve Allen, the father of the late night talk show and founder of Tonight (now known as "The Tonight Show"), Merv Griffin and Dick Cavett, early competitors with Carson, and Jack Paar, the man who followed Steve Allen as host of the Tonight Show and who is responsible for setting the standards for the genre.

that anyone knew — the joke didn’t work as well when I used Frederick Douglass. I’m afraid if I still had a show, it would be a lot of, “We’re spending quite a lot of money on editing, Dave. This is the way I’d be every night, and the next thing you know, I’d be slumped over in my chair and that would be it. The comedy potential of these people is incredible. Hell, I’ll buy you a pair of Ivanka’s shoes.” Then they had to counsel her. He only got elected because he looks like Look, you’re a human, I’m a human. Well — since we’re on the topic of blackmail, you’re in the bizarre position of being a famous person who has gone through being blackmailed, or at least attempted blackmail. I mean, that would make Ed Snowden look like a third-grade shop teacher … I’m not sure how that comparison shakes out in terms of Fallon. We used to have a joke we’d do about booking guests: “Guess what? ” “Neil Armstrong is going to be on the show.” “Neil Armstrong?

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