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This became known as the Written Torah, because it was written down and sealed before their entry into the Land of Israel.

(It is also commonly called the Five Books of Moses.) Although the Written Torah contains the 613 mitzvot, it does not spell out exactly what they are.

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"The evidence is compelling; it’s damning, and it’s been around in Britain since 2005.

"But the cases we know about are just the tip of the iceberg." Another case concerned a nine-year-old girl from London who was protected by a court order from marriage in Afghanistan to a cousin twice her age.

M-learning technologies include handheld computers, MP3 players, notebooks, mobile phones and tablets.

M-learning focuses on the mobility of the learner, interacting with portable technologies.

What is the earliest reference to the Torah having 613 mitzvot? This is a matter of dispute here in South Africa, where a radio talk show host made some inaccurate statements about Judaism by saying that the 613 laws were only formulated thousands of years after the Torah was written. Answering your question requires a little understanding of Jewish history.

At Mount Sinai God gave the Jewish people the Torah.

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