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# ~/.profile: executed by the command interpreter for login shells.# This file is not read by bash(1), if ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bash_login # exists. # the default umask is set in /etc/profile; for setting the umask # for ssh logins, install and configure the libpam-umask package.

linux stats not updating-24

What happens if you drop and re-create the table and actually change the ordinal position of those columns?

I don't have the time to test right now but I find it suspiciously convenient that those are 1,2,3 in the statistics and 1,2,3 in the table and sys.columns.

A few people have said give it a day or so, but it's been about four.

Mearly wondering if stats are no longer actually supported due to the game's age or what's up?

Others on the servers I've been recently playing on again seem to have their ranks updating..

However nothing at all updates for me on the BFHQ stats tab.

Loaded 3757 VPK file hashes from /home/steamcmd/srcds/tf/tf2_for pure server operation.

Setting breakpad minidump App ID = 440 Forcing breakpad minidump interfaces to load dlopen failed trying to load: /home/steamcmd/.steam/sdk32/with error: /home/steamcmd/.steam/sdk32/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Looking up breakpad interfaces from steamclient Calling Breakpad Mini Dump System Init Loaded 3757 VPK file hashes from /home/steamcmd/srcds/tf/tf2_for pure server operation.

This morning I noticed that the status indicated no succesful backups of any VM for 2 days for all 9 VMs.

I became worried so logged into Webmin for each VM.

By all accounts this may be a bugged behavior in the sys.stats_columns DMV.

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