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We can speak to you and even hug you, without being picked up. This myth, which takes its name from the French emperor, has been used to describe aggressive behavior by people of short stature.

Kody Brown, with his four wives Meri, Janelle, Robyn and Christine and their combined 17 children, attempt to navigate life as a "normal" family in a society that shuns their lifestyle. See full summary » Fourteen-year-old Jazz Jennings, co-author of the popular children's book "I Am Jazz", experiences the typical pressures of entering high school, except with an added, unusual factor- she's transgender.

The couple had been together for twenty-seven years before splitting. Here is what Amy and Matt shared at the time about their split.

Tempers are flaring on the set of 'Little Women: Couples Retreat' after a white cast member called a black cast member a "monkey ass." TMZ got this clip of Lifetime's "Little Women: LA" spin-off where Lila is basically asking to get dropped ...

After months of fighting, an Oregon family court judge reached a decision in favor of Jacob's request, according to documents obtained by While Caryn, who worked as the TLC star's assistant and a manager on his farm until at least 2011, made cameos on the hit reality show, her sons, ages 14 and 17, were not allowed to guest star.

“Mother will not take [redacted] to her employer’s property without Father’s permission,” the documents, filed in June 2013, said.

“In addition, both parties shall refrain from discussing the other parent’s employment with the children, and neither parent shall do anything that might jeopardize the other party’s employment.”At the time of Caryn's divorce, in 2013, Matt and Amy were still married.

The Roloff parents separated in 2014 and finalized their divorce two years later.

“Neither party will allow the children to be filmed for television without the consent of the other party."To add salt to the wound, the ex-spouses are also forbidden from even mentioning Matt or anything about Roloff Farms and the TLC show in front of their kids.

“Father and Mother shall be restrained and enjoined from making any derogatory comments about each other to, or in the presence of the children, as well as in their respective places of employment,” the documents said.

However, there are other times when I am just fine climbing the shelves at the grocery store to reach that bottle of soda on the top shelf on my own. I am particularly fond of buying capri style pants of my favorite brands, which fit me just fine as full-length pants. I can do a headstand, shovel snow and perform almost any activity that an average-sized person does. We do not need to be spoken to in a baby voice, pat on the head, and for goodness sakes don’t tell us how “cute” we are.

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