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The laws of economics do not change when your address changes.A teacher working 35 hours a week at 0 an hour pulls down just over US,400 a month at the current exchange rate before taxes.Once everything is in place, we don't have a single hiccup.

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Here is a live view over the city of Kaohsiung in Taiwan.

Kaohsiung is the second largest city in Taiwan (Republic of China) and is located on the edge of the South China Sea to the southwest of the...

Everything happens at the same time, at various places, in every time zone, from multiple perspectives, constantly changing. Here, a music festival taking place – there a few friends meditate on a solitary beach.

Here, a skyscraper is rising high – there, a new park is opened.

A sign advertises wives from Vietnam, saying that you can check them out for free, and get the approval of the whole family.

Many ethnic Chinese wives from China, Vietnam, and Indonesia are imported into Taiwan each year, a trend with profound social and political implications.

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Foreigners can open accounts at the Post Office, as well as open accounts, change money, send it home, etc, at almost any bank.

The world is incredibly big, full of events, stories and possibilities.

The capital Taipei, in the north, is a modern metropolis, known for its street-food, night markets, as the Shilin market, and shopping districts, like Ximending.

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