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Thousands of Palestinians who fled their homes during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War came to Lebanon, where they have been for generations: unable to claim citizenship, they are in effect second class citizens, confined to claustrophobic concrete ghettos still known as “camps”.

When Syria’s war broke out in 2011, the Lebanese government immediately outlawed the creation of official government-run camps in the hopes that the fighting would die down and Syrians would not choose to stay.

It's not exactly ready for prime time, but thanks to the initiative of some young city residents, you can now watch Lebanon City Council meetings live on Facebook.

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Despite the fact 71 per cent live below the poverty line, studies estimate that through the buying of goods and housing the refugee population has actually added millions to the Lebanese economy.

But in a country with a notoriously ineffective government – public services barely function – and where unemployment rates are already high, the authorities are wary of creating incentives for Syrians to stay.

"So the main point in this is to let people see that we are going to be broadcasting it live, to promote and let people know they should come out and get involved in their communities.

And allow our youth to become more educated to what is going on here in Lebanon, because I don’t think they know about it."Marti and Hostetter did not just show up, clip a smartphone to a tripod and begin streaming.

His motivation for streaming the council is not to create a problem, Marti said, but to make City Council more accessible and transparent.

It also has the added advantage of engaging with others who can comment while watching."Part of my platform is to promote community and youth engagement and increase our numbers in attendance at our City Council meetings," he said after council's meeting on Thursday.It is currently home to an estimated 1.5 million Syrians who have fled over the border in the last six years of civil war, making around one in four people a refugee. The refugee response in Lebanon is no longer in the emergency stages – but two huge fires that ripped through Qab Elias and Mar Elias settlements earlier this month have shown just how precarious existence still is for so many Syrians here, trapped in a cycle of poverty and debt.Refugees have brought macro benefits in the form of international financial injections to prop up the country’s antiquated water and sewage systems, as well as failing schools in rural areas which now teach more Syrian than Lebanese children.The decision has made the job of aid organisations more difficult, as they must tread a line between providing the basic services Syrians need to survive, and making them – in the government’s eyes – too comfortable.Most of Lebanon’s Syrian population actually lives in towns and cities – in abandoned buildings or farmsteads, or often at the mercy of landlords who threaten to expose families’ unregistered status to blackmail them into paying higher rents.Here's where you can meet singles in Lebanon, Kentucky.

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