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Location The Liberty Inn’s perch on a wedge-shaped Meatpacking District traffic island formed by 10th Avenue, 14th Street, and the West Side Highway is ideal: inconspicuously discreet and out-of-the-way -- so the chances of an embarrassing run-in are slim -- yet just a few steps from the epicenter of this hottest of Manhattan neighborhoods, with its tony restaurants, packed nightclubs, and chic boutiques.

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Curious about this conveniently-located oasis of infidelity, a couple of us packed our cameras and checked in to give it the Oyster treatment. As you walk to your private den of iniquity, a symphony of thumps, heavy breathing, and ecstatic moans leaks into the hallway. But given the fine location on the edge of Manhattan’s trendy Meatpacking District and just a short cab ride from the caverns of Wall Street, the hourly rates -- $60 for two hours; $70 for three -- are pretty reasonable.

Here’s what we found: Pros *Reasonable hourly rates *Discreet yet convenient location *Mirrored ceilings, padded headboards *Cash accepted *Lobby vending machine sells condoms for every size Cons *No reservations *Depressing beige décor and sterile lobby *Thin doors and walls *Stains on bedspread Scene To borrow the old Hooters slogan, the Liberty Inn is "delightfully tacky" – and pretty much what you’d expect given the market niche it’s aimed at. The rooms themselves are largely designed for functionality, but do possess some wow factor: Painted clouds or flowers on the ceiling are illuminated by a soft blue light and surrounded on the perimeter by mirrors. That said, don’t spend the 0 to 0 the Liberty charges for a whole night; if you actually want a decent place to sleep, head to the Holiday Inn NYC on 6th Avenue, a newly-renovated but affordable property whose walls have fewer stories to tell.

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