Mark driscoll quotes on dating

Patriarchy has dominated Christian history for — well, all of Christian history.

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If we do not believe in the power of forgiveness, second chances, restoration and grace, what do we believe in (Source)?

The goal of Christian dating is not to have a boyfriend or girlfriend but to find a spouse.

I am saddened that Brock Turner was released just three months after he was sent to prison, though I'm not shocked.

His story would have been shocking if white privilege didn’t exist. But because both realities exist, it’s just another sad page in the long book of Racist and Sexist American History and Politics.

These messages, in the form of books like Every man was once a boy.

And every little boy has dreams, big dreams, dreams of being the hero, of beating the bad guys, of doing daring feats and rescuing the damsel in distress. invites men to recover their masculine heart, defined in the image of a passionate God.

And it was hardly shocking when Mars Hill revealed weeks later that a precipitous drop in membership and donations would force it to cut staff by 30 to 40 percent and shutter a handful of its 15 branches.

What is surprising, though, at least in retrospect, is how Driscoll grew to such prominence in Seattle.

isn’t all that different from scores of its predecessors, you might think that Thomas Nelson would have trouble marketing it to readers.

Former Mars Hill Church senior pastor Mark Driscoll has filed incorporation papers in Phoenix for a new entity called The Trinity Church in Arizona, 14 months after he resigned his Seattle pulpit and just under a year after Mars Hill ceased to exist.

It was into that “unchurched” environment that Driscoll stepped in 1996, when he began a bible study group out of his home.

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