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If you start dating prematurely, you could be hurting — rather than honoring — those you date.When Becky was invited to lunch by a man she met at a bookstore, she was excited.The more traits you pick that are above the average, the lower the statistical odds that you’ll find a match. Increase your criteria to an attractive man at least 6-feet tall who makes ,000, and you’re left with only one.

(He gets this statistic by adding unhappy marriages and separations to the 50 percent divorce rate). Looks are not a predictor of sexual satisfaction, nor do they correlate to happier marriages. One study of 168 couples found that “the best variables for predicting who would stay married, even better than love, expressions of affection or negativity, was responsiveness, which is closely related to the trait of agreeableness,” Tashiro writes. “Men high in agreeableness are not only more likely to be kind, but also more likely to keep the sexual desire alive in relationships,” he writes.

When finding a long-term partner, don’t waste your wishes, he warns. In fact, there “is no reliable association between physical attractiveness and relationship satisfaction,” he writes, quoting from his own research. They are more giving and often more sensitive, which makes for better between-the-sheets action.

“All this wishing has led to a case of wanting everything and getting nothing,” Tashiro writes in his first book, “The Science of Happily Ever After: What Really Matters in the Quest for Enduring Love” (Harlequin).

Dating should be “about learning to weed out the undesirable traits and rethinking our views about what really matters in a romantic partner.” Our fairy-tale view of romance — 88 percent of adults believe in soul mates — has contributed to the fact that although 90 percent of people will marry in their lifetimes, only three in 10 will find enduring love, Tashiro says. “the nice guy.” Agreeableness, one of the Big Five personality traits in the Five Factor Model of human psychology — the others being extroversion, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness — describes someone who is “courteous, flexible, trusting, good-natured, cooperative, forgiving, soft-hearted and tolerant.” Sure, it’s unsexy, but it’s the most reliable sign that your mate is a keeper for the long haul.

If you're willing to trust God and trust His plan, you're already on the right path.

Read each principle carefully and make certain you understand it before you move on to the next.

They don't guarantee you'll find that special someone. Or He may desire that you remain single for an undetermined period of time or perhaps even for a lifetime.

What I suggest here are only parameters that I believe will protect you and guard you from making decisions you'll later regret.

By developing a life of faith, those royal qualities in the 2 Peter Zone—faith, moral excellence, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love—become the fabric of your life.

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