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A side-bar event at the festival is the "Docsinthessaloniki Pitching Forum", a workshop, hosted by the Dutch company EDN (European Documentary Network), that offers novice directors the opportunity to work on their scripts with seasoned mentors, as well as to trouble-shoot their pitches before seeking funding.The ever-ebullient Tom Ze bursts with creativity and zest as he leads a workshop for young musicians in Rio---using a saw, for example, to make sound.

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Cook also played with Greg Oden and Mike Conley, Jr.

I'll be friends with someone all day off the court, but on it, I am trying to win.

This finals week we wanted to provide students with a healthier outlet for their sensual urges and bodily fluids.” “The room transformations were actually quite simple,” stated library supervisor Paul Bradley, “we just replaced desks and chairs with double-sized mattresses and pillows, and we had all of the windows tinted so that you can’t see inside.

And the room rental conditions weren’t changed at all: don’t disturb your neighbor, clean up after yourself, and turn the lights off when you’re done.” Also available for rental were large group sex rooms, and individual masturbation rooms.The suspense is painful: it becomes clear that early drug use predisposes the heroine, more than even an Orphic-cursed Oedipus, to an impossible lack of decision-making capacity.We watch as Marcela tries to manage her life through the ups and downs of young marriage, motherhood, divorce and bereavement.What is it intern in New York City, who saw the film with me, noted: "The director was smart enough to realize she had found a truly interesting character, and for the most part she leans back and allows Billy to shape the movie himself." Yet at some points of the movie, the director seems to (mis)lead the audience, with eerie close-ups, to think Billy is a potential serial-killer, especially as we see his queer way of speaking to girls, his eyes shifting creepily in his head, a choice that is not only unfair to the subject, but also not what I believe the director really wanted her film to be about.What I mean is, you may have the story of a woman who was conned out of her money, or a man who gets caught soliciting sex from minors.In attempt to attract more students to the library and to reduce student stress during finals week, Mann library converted all of its rarely-used study rooms into sex rooms.

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