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Yelldesign has built a reputation for creating bright, colourful and quirky animations, often using ordinary objects in extraordinary ways.The studio also specialises in highly-detailed papercraft and laser cut materials.She continued: "You have to ask yourself, I'm not going to leave him because he has a problem.

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The West End show – Green Day's award-winning Broadway musical – stars former X Factor contestant Amelia Lily.

Lily – who plays Whatshername, the girlfriend of Johnny in the show about three boyhood friends who are searching for meaning in a post 9/11 world – recently told the Evening Standard that she has Simon Cowell to thank for her latest West End role.

She explained: "He went to rehab when I'd known him for three months, so initially we hadn't known each other very long."I was in this whirlwind with him and you don't really think about it, then more time goes along and he went again."Firstly our relationship was quite serious [in the beginning], then we'd been together a couple of years and this isn't just a kid that needs a couple of weeks break."This is someone that does genuinely have a problem.

It just takes time." Sitting beside the ex-Busted star, Emma welled up, appearing vulnerable as she tried to fight the sobs.

Emma concluded: "He's very boring, but I'll tell you what, I'll take boring over the alternative."I'll take the tattoos and the motorbikes over all the other stuff." Back in 2005, Matt spent three weeks in The Priory for alcoholism, before retuning a year later for drug abuse.

Then in 2008, he was admitted to a programme in Bournemouth after an alleged marriage ultimatum.

“Obviously getting into the X Factor was a massive break for me,” she said.

“I was able to go out as Amelia Lily and do my own stuff which will always be my number one thing.

Reflecting on Matt's visits to rehab – of which there are three – the 38-year-old wept as she explained there was never any other option than to stick by his side.

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