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You should address it directly by saying, “This is absolutely not true.” Avoid trashing her (this could escalate her accusations), but do say, “She and I have different ideas about how to have a relationship.” If you feel this slander has legs, and if it is having a negative impact on your other relationships, your reputation and your work, you should see a lawyer. She feels that I am taking advantage of my parents.Besides the fact that my living arrangements are none of her business, it irritates me when she says this stuff, when after her relationship with my friend’s father soured and he kicked her out of the house, she moved in with her father and he converted the second story of his home into an apartment for her!

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No matter what the weather is, most of us somehow find a way to find fault, grumble and whine about it.

Well before you leave, I should mention that this time I have nothing to complain about. But before winter is all done and dusted, I thought I would make her one last meal to send her off in style before she makes her way up into the northern hemisphere.

For me, there are certain words that epitomises winter, and no they aren't “cold” or “snow”. Quintessential Sydney winter, I think, starts and ends with one or perhaps even all of these words and I know that my winter is never complete without them.

Disconnect from her on all social media, and purposely avoid having any personal or phone contact with her — or through other people.

Friends of yours will not automatically believe a false accusation.It’s always either too hot, too cold, too sunny, too windy, too wet, too sticky.And I admit, I am usually a prime suspect for such behaviour; in the winter I moan about how I can never get warm enough and then come December and the Sydney summer descends on us and I complain about how insufferably hot it is.We also have an Updates Book (find it on this profile) that will notify you of any important messages, Cookies who have been given extensions, pending assignments, you can pose your questions here and we will welcome all new Cookies here as well. Every two weeks y'all will be grouped together in a batch. Also please hashtag your comments with #Mn C : I found your use of words in your description to be quite interesting and I love the development of Sarah now that you have mentioned what happened to her mother. We swear it's only to ensure the club runs smoothly.For more information on these assignments check out the "what is a book club" chapter. That coupled with the fact that neither had posted on social media about one another were tell-tale signs that the two were headed (or already in) Splitsville.

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