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And we’re not talking the climate change, scorched earth, God I’m parched variety.

In photos on the left-hand side: Vasily Smyslov (b.

1921), Machgielis (Max) Euwe (1901–1981), Anatoli Karpov (b. 1976), Tigran Petrosian (1929-1984), and Mikhail Botvinnik (1911-1995).

When I started my blog, Design*Sponge, 12 years ago, it was a straightforward ode to furniture and interior design.

Over time, the blog has evolved into a celebration of the people and stories behind those designs.

Tiff's been running her BBQ resto near Fenway Park since November 2011.

She's lucky she didn't open it in Philly, where people would dismiss it as a come-on to former 76ers guard Maurice Cheeks.

There I was squatting - barely started - when some one pulled the flush.

Then on my head I felt - pchuk - all wet: On my head."A little later, after a cup of tea, Rustomji "decided to wait awhile before his bath, to give his obdurate bowels one more chance." But after 10 minutes with The Times of India, he gives up and prepares for his bath: "He arched his back till his bottom stuck out, then raised one foot slightly and tensed. Not even a little fart."Amusing, of course, realistic, perhaps.

This is my journal on Chess to share chess news, famous historical games of great chess warriors, my own tournament games.

Read my IT related topics at Ashik's IT Thoughts and daily life events at An Immigrant's Life In USA.

And with each failed attempt, his self-esteem plummets to the point where he wonders if ‘little Dan’ will ever work again.

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