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At the age of 18 months, Peek could read both of the open... Russell Ballard, excerpted from "Counseling with Your Councils" - Recently, the Church announced that in 2018 "Teaching of the Prophets" manuals will no longer be used in Relief Society or priesthood meetings.

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"It's clear that at very important levels the church is opening itself in ways that it had not felt comfortable with [before]," says Sarah Barringer Gordon, a law professor and religion expert at University of Pennsylvania.

"People [in Utah] really understand perhaps as they hadn't until the last five, six years or so that there's a need and a possibility for real investigation and acceptance of a painful past." Kent Bylund, a Mormon who owned land at the site in southwestern Utah, has seen a shift in attitude.

On 6 August 2015 the Church also issued a news release showing a photo of the stone.

The Church videos and other instructional material the Church currently uses still show Joseph translating the plates without using the stone or hat which we hope to see change as new materials are published.

But one incident from that time stubbornly lingers and is now the subject of a fictionalized film that opens in theaters Friday. 11, 1857, Mormons aided by native American allies massacred about 120 unarmed men, women, and children bound for California by wagon train.

The slaughter took place amid war hysteria: The US Army was marching toward Utah to confront Mormon leaders.Learn more about the trials and triumphs of faithful Apostles Hear stories of miracles and marvelous harvests that took place at Benbow Farm, Herefordshire, Preston, London, and many more.Conducted in the spirit of an uplifting gospel doctrine class, this tour will teach at the places where so many important early LDS Church events occurred.Each day begins with a hymn and a prayer on the bus and ends the same way.You will return with a greater understanding of the immense value of these faithful Saints and servants and of the restored gospel which they preached and you will be humbled and encouraged by the price they paid to lay the foundation.Mormon Channel - In a video with Mormon Channel Studios, Leslie Fatai Nau sings a beautiful original song about drawing to the Savior, "Come," as well as a breathtaking Tongan hymn, "Faka'ofa Kiate Au." ... I was the provider and protector of our new family, and now—three weeks into that role—I felt like I had failed.” His wife, Heather, added: “This was the worst day of my life, but I remember going to bed that night with gratitude... Wagner - Editor's Note: The film referenced in this article contains strong language and adult content.

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