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After the downfall of two Cabinet ministers for plagiarism, another high-profile claim of copying rocked Germany yesterday – this time by its Eurovision Song Contest entry.

The NDR television station said that it had commissioned a “musical audit” of Glorious by German band Cascada after complaints that it was strangely similar to Euphoria by Sweden’s Loreen, the winner of last year’s competition.

The three-piece dance band, fronted by Natalie Horler, has been working on new music for some time now.

This announcement will be the first of many, we expect; especially with Natalie Horler confirming in an interview that they have two new singles on the way; one of which is definitely “Run”.

Every week we supply the photo and you supply the caption.

This week’s image comes from Cascada’s official Facebook page.

The single is the follow-up to their 2015 single “Reason“; however, they did feature on Cassiano’s track “Praise You” last year, which was a cover version of Mary Mary’s “Shackles (Praise You)”.

In the aforementioned interview, Natalie Horler did reveal that they are working on a music video, this could be released soon in promotion of “Run”.

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